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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Where will the school be?
All classes 4-12th grade are currently taking place at our school at 414 Lincoln Ave in Nymore.  It is the site of the old Lincoln School
Will bussing be available?

Yes, bussing is provided by Bemidji School District.  Drop off at KBCS is 8:25 am and pickup is at 2:50 pm.  Call Transportation at 218-333-3225 for specific info on your routes.

Can students participate in Bemidji school sports?

We are able to participate with Bemidji sports through 8th grade.  At this time the Bemidji School Superintendent has informed us they are not willing to co-op with any private schools for high school athletics.

Will there be PhyEd?

Yes, we will have PE available for 1 hour three times a week.  We have an indoor space for inclement weather, otherwise we will do class outside at the school or we will take advantage of the beautiful Nymore Park (4 blocks away)

Will there be Art class?

Yes, we have one of the top Art teachers in the state of MN.  Dennis Peterson is amazing.  

What will the class size be?

We will be trying to cap classes at 22 students.  However, as we grow some classes may get a little bigger as we are in the hiring process for more teachers.

More information about technology. 

We are blessed to have access for the kids to each have a chromebook at this time.  The technology is always supervised and the computers are considered a tool to use not a toy.  The students are not allowed to take computers off campus and use is monitored closely

What will the school hours be?

Our official start time is 8:30.  Students are welcome at the school as early as 7:45 am if needed.  Our school day ends at 2:45 and student pick up is 2:50 - 3:00.  If other arrangements are needed, please contact the school (218)444-KBCS.

Will there be hot lunches?

No, we do not have a hot lunch program as of yet.  We have a refrigerator and microwaves for student use.

Will there be teachers for the high school kids?

Yes,  we have two adults working with our high school students.  This is a 1 to 4 ratio.  Our kids receive great in person teaching that is mixed with online supplements and classes. 

Will there be a multiple child discount?

Yes. We offer 10% off per additional child.

What is the school curriculum?

See the Academics page.

Will there be after care?

No, but if special circumstances  are required please contact the school.

A la carte options for home-schoolers?

All of our classes are available a la Carte.  See our website for pricing (Al-a-carte-pricing) .  Call with any questions.  Our school number is 218-444-5227.  

Why start a new school?

We often get asked, why start a new school in Bemidji. The answer is simple, “Why not?” Bemidji is growing and there is room for more Christian schools, just like we have several churches. Another reason is that our public schools and charter schools have more and more issues every year.  The staff does the best they possibly can.  However, our society is pushing for things to be taught that many don’t agree with.  So people are looking for options.  We are following God’s leadership to open a school we feel will be pleasing to him.  Every school will not meet everyone’s needs.  KBCS is set up to meet the needs of children who want to learn about God through service and community connections. We want kids to learn to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Who do we contact for questions?​

Please send inquiries to our contact form and the principal or a board member will respond to you.

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